Why Neutrals Aren't Just a Trend

I'm a huge fan of color. I have a sage green dresser for Pete's sake! But I'm not a huge fan of bold, bright, vibrant colors for your family portraits. You may be thinking "well yah, neutrals are the current trend." But it's more than just a trend and here's why:

First, neutrals photograph beautifully during any season. While I strongly suggest having photos done more than once a year, if you only get them done once, how season specific do they look? Do you take one look and say "oh yah, those were for Christmas cards"? Keeping the outfits neutral eliminates this and keeps them fresh year round.

Second, neutrals are soft and non distracting. When you avoid bold colors, you leave room for the focus to be on faces, interactions and personality. As it should be!

Finally, neutrals work well with any home decor. While digital images are great and I love seeing you share them on social media, ideally the goal is to get your photos framed and on the walls in your home. When you choose a neutral palette, this insures they will flow with the look and tones in your home.